Mount Hub Pro
Written by HitecAstro   

We are delighted to announce that our mount hub pro can now be supported on 64bit operating systems with the release of version 1.5 of our software.

ASCOM Focuser driver for the MHP is now available.

Click Here to see some customer pictures of the Mount Hub Pro integrated into an imaging setup.

Anyone who has spent time setting up anything more than the most basic telescope/imaging setup knows that setting up and arranging all of the various components can be a time consuming and laborious task.  All the cables need to be arranged to avoid snagging.  Usually once this is all complete, you may find that the sky conditions have changed or gotten cloudy and you have to do it all again in reverse.

HitecAstro's 'Mount Hub Pro' is an exciting new product which seeks to simplify all of this by including three of the most useful accessories inside one tidy package which only requires one power cable and one USB cable, thus reducing the clutter around your setup.

Mount Hub Pro Includes;

  • 8 individually selectable and controllable relay driven outputs to power all of your equipment. (plus three constant (always on) outlets.)

  • A 4 channel dew controller with individually selectable outputs.

  • A stepper motor focus controller compatible with many of todays most popular focusers (e.g. Moonlite, Robofocus)

  • PC software which allows all of the above to be controlled from the users PC (Windows XP, Vista)  Windows 7 currently under test.

  • Manual (Non PC based control of the Dew Controller)

  • Optional Manual 'Hand Controller' for focus operations

  • An ASCOM compliant driver to operate with your favourite third party ASCOM compliant application. (e.g. Maxim DL, CCD Soft etc)

  • USB Interface

  • An integrated 4 port USB hub for connecting your favourite devices.
  • Can deliver up to 15Amps of power to your equipment (via an appropriate power supply)

As one power cable leads from your power supply to the 'Mount Hub Pro' and one USB cable runs from the controlling PC to the MHP, there is less chance of tripping or getting tangled in lots of cables in the dark.  Power outlets and USB ports to your equipment are then provided so cables no longer dangle where they can cause problems.

Our intuitive software provides easy access to all of the PC controllable features of 'Mount Hub Pro'